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Family APP supports single parent families by improving communication and providing mutual assistance, addressing a significant issue in the US where 26% of families are single parent households, with two-thirds being single mothers.


OffiConnect is an innovative app for UC Davis Transportation Services, simplifying task management, workspace reservation, and schedule checks. It enhances productivity with its user-friendly interface, offering a streamlined alternative to complex work assignment apps.

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I aim to create a tech-driven COMB community for young people, focusing on housing, transportation, social networking, environment, safety, and information. I'm exploring convenient housing and information communication, with plans for future improvements.

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This project integrates the elements of auspicious clouds, brushes and jade seals in traditional Chinese culture to rebrand the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

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It is a real estate agency located in cedar city. In order to make a living, brand image and expand business, I need to participate in this project as a media director in the design group. I am responsible for web and social media design in this project.

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This is a tube calendar I made with Hong Kong neon lights as inspiration.

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